Selected Commercials and Branding

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Julio d’Escriván is a film + media composer, with a varied portfolio, including orchestral and chamber music, as well as electronic and computer music.

His 30 year career includes success in jingles, commercial branding, documentaries, film and TV music.

Based in Caracas in the 90s, Julio worked for the whole region through advertising agencies like JWThompson, Leo Burnett and McCann-Erickson, writing music for clients such as Kraft, Nabisco, Ford, Pepsi, United Airlines and many others. Julio has also provided audio branding for numerous HBO subsidiaries as well as writing for documentaries aired on HBO-Ole Olé (the Latin American division)

Julio’s film credits include:


  • A Delusion (2002)

  • Balloon (1992), (BAFTA winning animation)


  • The Color of Fame (El Tinte de La Fama, 2008)

  • Knocks at My Door (1993)

  • Little Thieves, Big Thieves (1998)


  • The Lost Art of Drawing Buildings (2015)

  • Villanueva El Diablo (2012)

  • Reverón (2008)


  • Imagination (2019 - Sencit Music)

  • Tenth Dimension XX (2018 - Sencit Music)

Julio holds a PhD in Electro-Acoustic Music