Julio d’Escriván is a composer, improviser, and audiovisual artist working. Julio lectures in sound and music for film and creative music technologies and regularly publishes articles on these subjects as well as a couple of books (2007 and 2012).





Julio was born in Venezuela but lives and works in Great Britain. Between 1991 and 2003 he worked almost exclusively in music for commercials, TV and film in The Americas. After moving to the UK in 2003, he kept working on commission for HBO's A&E Latin America, as well as various advertising projects, but all this has gradually become a background pursuit as Julio has been able to get back to his original experimental and electronic roots as shown in his works from the late 1980s. Throughout the years, he has won several prizes both for his concert and film music, and has been performed and broadcast internationally. He regularly performs and writes with the Proyecto FUSIL, their latest CD was released in August 2013 on the ZAWP records label, from Bilbao, Spain

As an author, d’Escriván’s recent work includes the Cambridge Introduction book to Music Technology (2012) published by Cambridge University Press. He was co-editor of the Cambridge Companion to Electronic Music andco-author of the Chapter on Composing with SuperCollider for The SuperCollider Book published recently by MIT Press (2010).

At present, Julio is a Senior Lecturer in Sound and Music for the Moving Image and Music Technology at The University of Huddersfield in the United Kingdom.